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CERN: LHC switched on

A seven-minute excursion to the LHC cooling system.

Four days ago, as the video shows, the LHC women celebrated the working temperatures, achieved on October 15th, in harmless vapors. ;-)

Today, after a year of repairs, the LHC was switched on again:

BBC, U.K. Times, Telegraph, The NY Times
Things seem to be working just fine as the energy will be slowly increasing towards those 2x 3.5 TeV in January.

The probability of a new quench has decreased because the physicists have learned a lot, introduced a new anti-quench system, and subtracted one terrorist from their team. ;-)

The Compact Muon Solenoid.

The CMS collaboration has posted the first tests of the CMS silicon tracker. Things are consistent and the resolution is close to the designed performance:
Preprint, Symmetry Magazine

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