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Cosmoclimatology: Svensmark et al. Forbush paper published

This is just a collection of links. The paper

Cosmic ray decreases affect atmospheric aerosols and clouds (PDF, full)
by Henrik Svensmark, Torsten Bondo, and Jacob Svensmark has appeared in
Geophysical Research Letters.
Ten weeks ago, we discussed the article at this blog. Very new media reports:
Science Daily
Fars News Agency (yes, that's Iran!) (in Czech)
The alarmists paid by George Soros seem to be jealous and they ask: "Why the continued interest?" They mean interest in the mechanisms by Svensmark et al.

Well, because it seems to work, it seems to be justified by a flux of new articles, and because of reasons that are written in these articles. Because it may be the most important insight in climatology during the recent decades.

I think that Svensmark and a few others must feel somewhat unpleasantly because they have found something that may be a spectacular discovery in their discipline, and possibly the first discovery of this discipline that could deserve a Nobel prize.

Except that they simply can't get the deserved credit right now because their discipline has been hijacked by a political movement that prefers ideologically convenient opinions over solid and non-trivial insights that are likely to be true because they are justified by the empirical evidence.

I hope that the situation will change soon.

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