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Dominika Stará: Je suis Malade

Pro slovenské a české čtenáře: dole na "fast comments" můžete psát komentáře i v mateřštině. Dominičina domácí stránka, včetně knihy návštěv, je na

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This song, originally by Dalida & Serge Lama (Italy/Egypt & France) and/or Lara Fabian (Belgium), was arguably the best performance of the last girls' semifinals of the Czecho-Slovak Superstar that Czechs and Slovak viewers watched last night: see the full video of the show (this song is in the fourth, last part at 1:21:30 or 1:20:00, including her introduction).

Ms Dominika Stará (SK) is just 16 even though her surname means "old". She dedicated the song to the old people because she knows how it feels to be born as old. ;-) Unlike most other contestants, she is a deeply believing, practicing Christian. Our compatriots may know the Czech version of the song, To mám tak ráda (That's What I Love So Much) by Ms Marie Rottrová, but Ms Stará was brave enough to choose the French version and she did very well. After all, she's been training this song since she was 11 years old. ;-)

The first YouTube video was rather quickly removed by the TV stations. If the video above is defunct again, please go to 1:21:30 of the official evening's video to hear Dominika Stará.
A very tough competition has emerged for Martin Chodúr (CZ) and Monika Bagárová (CZ). A report from Facebook:

The girls have gone through the last semifinal evening of the Czecho Slovak Superstar. One Czech girl and one Slovak girl will be eliminated from the finals tonight.

They were excellent - better than boys. Too bad that the gender quotas have to be obeyed at this stage because several boys would deserve to be fired much more than the girls. At any rate, my table of the girls is as follows:

1. Dominika Stará (SK) was just magnificent. I should know something about French, as an author of a French book haha - but even though I didn't understand, it sounded excellent. She's my clear winner of the evening. Clear, superb voice, perfect frequency, emotional encapsulation. Wow

2. Karolina Majerníková (SK) dedicated her song to her late music teacher - a "thank you" that could only occur after she died. The sad motion of her lips reminded me of an ex-GF of mine whom I met two months after her dad died. At any rate, it was a captivating performance, too

3. Leona Šenková (CZ) presented Marie Rottrová's song in her hallmark massive style - an impressive job even though I am still more used to Rottrová's style for this song

4. Monika Bagárová (CZ) remains at the top of my "top dogs" among the girls although Dominika is at least an equal after this evening. Monika's song looked a bit cheap, merry, and childish to me - like if it were really addressed to those 89+ relatives of hers. She should return to more emotional songs

5. Martina Konvičková (CZ) is a very good musician who has shown a lot of good stuff - I wasn't just particularly impressed by this song

6. Nikoleta Balogová (SK), on the contrary, has shown some weaker things in the past - but she did pretty well tonight

7. Aneta Galisová (CZ) sings very well and she's very hot, not only because of her accessible boobs. But her performance may have been too ordinary although essentially flawless

8. Paulína Ištváncová (SK) didn't sing badly - but some of her tones were somewhat approximate. Even though she was OK, someone had to end up at the bottom of my list. So sorry if Paulína and Aneta will be eliminated tonight (on Monday)...


Aneta Galisová was the Czech girl who left the contest before the finals - as I expected, her psychological state was the most balanced one among all contestants. She will do fine.

The very first decision that was a surprise for me was the elimination of Karolina Majerníková from the Slovak girls. She was very good, my #2 among the 8 girls, but it may be that I had some personal reason to give her higher preferences than the average Czechoslovak viewers.

Otherwise, I think that the people vote very sensibly.

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