Friday, October 02, 2009

Full LHC cooled to 1.9 K in two weeks

The end of the world is coming again! ;-)
A video was embedded here
Six of the eight sectors are already cooled to the operating temperature of -271.25 °C and the remaining two, now at 10 or 30 Kelvins, will follow quickly.

The video above looks encouraging. The narrator explains that the tʁajectoʁies are just teʁʁifique. ;-) In November, i.e. the next month, the beams should begin to circulate again. A few weeks later, first collisions should occur, too. Recall that the center-of-mass energy won't exceed 7 TeV for a while, half of the projected 14 TeV.

The collider has been given a new warning system that will fight against climate change in the superconductors, i.e. to fight against the so-called quenches that caused the problems one year ago. So the environmental God will surely forgive CERN its addition of one extra Geneva of electrical consumption. ;-)

Via Symmetry Magazine.

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