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Google Maps: Prague StreetView goes live

Click to zoom in.

You may start e.g. near

the "statue of the horse" on the Wenceslaus Square, (click)
near the National Museum or the Old Town Square or the Lesser Quarter Square (in front of the dept. of maths and physics) or the math/physics student hostels in Trója or the math/physics building at Karlov.

StreetView only gets you to places where you can get with a car. That may sound surprising but the reason is actually that the StreetView pictures were taken with a car (the Google Van). ;-)

Seven smaller towns near Prague (Mělník, Beroun, Příbram, Benešov, Říčany, Brandýs nad Labem a Poděbrady) and seven largest cities of Canada became accessible at the same moment.

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