Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween party physics: fun with dry ice

Carbon dioxide (-78 °C and -57 °C are the melting and boiling points) is not only the gas we call life but the North American readers can use it to improve their Halloween party:

Via Physics Central which adds some comments...

Climate Mash: 2005 vs 2009

By the way, you may check Climate Mash to recall how the alarmist propaganda looked in 2005, exactly four years ago, in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina.

You may see that some things haven't changed but most technical details have become obsolete after these short four years. For example, no one talks about the increasing strength and frequency of tropical storms - because it has evidently not been taking place since 2006.

"Global warming" has been increasingly replaced by "climate change" and all the scientific details are being continuously replaced as the old eco-fads are dying. The only true constant of the green movement is not science but their desire to transform or cripple the human civilization which is at the true core of the movement.

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