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In search of the coming ice age

In this TV program, Stephen Schneider (3rd part, 6:05) and many others are worried about the climate change - more precisely about the coming ice age:

The video comes in three parts and lasts 9+4+8 = 21 minutes.

You may learn many things. The thriving life is here because of the warmth in the recent millions of years. But there's no doubt that the ice age will come again. When will it come? It has already begun 3,000 years ago. Unprecedented hunger and death will begin. A method to avoid the looming catastrophe could be to melt the sea ice and polar ice caps with nuclear bombs or megatons of dark soot. Listen to the rest...

Well, the difference from the contemporary programs of this type is XXX years. You can see that not much progress in the genuine science and technology of this discipline has occurred since MCMLXXVIII. In fact, you may say that this old program was showing much more detailed data that the climate scientists were trying to explain by the optimum theory, being chosen from a set of many hypotheses. These days, they don't care about the detailed data much.

The proponents of the alarm have just flipped a sign and the discipline became much shriller, more much one-dimensional, yet much more politically influential. They won't offer you any disclaimers similar to ones at the beginning of the program above. And they won't search for the most sensible solutions to the "problem".

Hat tip: Gore Lied which found the program and its significance (including Stephen Schneider) and Bob Ferguson who mailed a good link to me yesterday

Climate change: wine, gins, women
(not to speak of tonics and men)

By the way, the Danish ministry of the climate change has imposed a new cap restricting the amount of wine and gins they drink during one dinner: 37 bottles of wine and 41 gins for 39 guests was already too much! Their top negotiator had to be fired.

The United Nations also consider a huge self-sacrifice and plan to cap the number of prostitutes per capita and per night to 3 prostitutes during the Copenhagen conference in December 2009.

The message to all the climate negotiators is to check the newest caps for the amount of alcohol you should drink every night and for the number of prostitutes per night. We know what you're looking forward to in Copenhagen but the U.N. wants you to try to hide that the climate negotiators are a pile of immoral crap.

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