Friday, October 09, 2009

LHC physicist arrested for Al Qaeda links

A broken LHC in 2008. Which of the people could be the culprit? Shift/click to zoom in.

Breaking news: yesterday, Adlene Hicheur, a 32-year-old visiting CERN employee working for the LHC was arrested in Vienne, France for his or her probable links to Al Qaeda and terrorist organizations in Algeria. He or she has a brother called Zitouni. No plot has been uncovered so far but the intention has been proved and the guy has confessed he led second life.

CERN press release, BBC, Daily Mail, CBS News, Nature, Google News
Osama Bin Laden hopes that the LHC black hole will be large enough to swallow the infidels but small enough to save the Allah's children - assuming that Osama Bin Laden knows what a black hole is. ;-)

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