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Lord Monckton on Glenn Beck show

If you have a spare hour, here is the program:

It has 7 parts - you can choose them via the "tape" button next to "play" per 8 minutes or so. John Bolton is there, too. They discuss many details about the legal power of the possible Copenhagen treaty to rebuild the world.

Here is the YouTube link to watch the playlist outside TRF.

By the way, the UAH MSU global temperature anomaly for October 2009 is predicted by The Reference Frame to be 0.29 °C or 0.30 °C, down from 0.42 °C in September 2009. I calculated the estimate on Sunday morning, Central European Time, by comparisons between October 2008 and October 2009 (unfortunately, a few days had missing data which brings some extra inaccuracy). Let's see how accurate I will be.

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reader Unknown said...

Here's a hilarious parody on Global Warming called "Global Disastrification" done by the leader in Glenn Beck's national video contest for his Arguing with Idiots book:


Here's the contest video:

New America Video

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