Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Luxembourg: EU climate talks collapse

... thank God ...

The debate how to "fight against climate change" has advanced from absurd talk by hosts of dopes to their attempts to actually harm the civilization.

The intellectual little green men no longer discuss whether to screw the world economy but how to do it most optimally. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year are at stake so you may guess that even relatively small disagreements and modifications of previous plans may induce substantial tension.

Moreover, it's obvious that these disgraceful policies are being mixed with egotistic interests of particular nations and individuals and the desire to increase protectionism, wealth redistribution, and other bad things. We are talking about an explosive mixture of junk.

So far, the European Union has to agree on the proposed policies unanimously. Fortunately, something like that seems impossible, as the talks in Luxembourg have demonstrated today:
WSJ, Reuters, AFP, Earth Times, Irish Times, Space Daily, Forbes
The disagreements are multi-dimensional.

First of all, Poland and eight additional countries of New Europe (PL, SK, HU, RO, BG, LT, SI, CZ) disagree with the basic statement that the climate gifts to the third world should be mandatory.

But there were disagreements about other things, too.

Italy led the nations that argued that no specific figures should appear in the final document, in order not to destroy the EU's position in the global talks. Italy was kind of supported by Germany while Britain and Denmark were on the opposite side, if I understand it well.

Relatively to the world, Europe is pretty uniform. We may hope that if the agreement is impossible even within the EU, there can't ever be any global agreement about such devastating policies, either, and the champions of these insanities will be pretty quickly moved to the dumping ground of the history.

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