Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

After some time, I have to embed the newest a TBBT video because the episode 3x08 was excellent, especially the Penny-Sheldon part.

The icon in the middle, with the left-arrow in the full rectangle, switches you to the full screen mode.

Rajesh, Leonard, and Howard went camping, to watch the Leonids. However, they proved that they were no Sheldons and a couple of marijuana cookies from two hippies of Lee Smolin's age made them behave like three teenage stoners. Just like in the real world today, the Leonid gazers didn't see much.

On the other hand, Sheldon was just enjoying his solitude, going to compute the decay rates of highly excited string modes - which is, by the way, a very interesting class of problems shedding light on the UV behavior of perturbative string theory that gradually changes to the black hole regime and on the character of locality in string theory.

However, Penny was just affected by the reduced friction in her bathtub in general and by the deficiency of adhesive ducks in particular. And after having achieved a shoulder dislocation, she found out that Sheldon was the only available crane, dresser, driver, filler of the medical forms, comforter, and singer of Soft Kitty - and when she summed it up, a very good one at that! ;-)

And of course, you may check who is right and what 湯 on her right buttock means.

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