Sunday, November 15, 2009

APEC meeting agrees: no Copenhagen treaty

The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Newsbusters, and other media have reported that the leaders who met in Singapore have agreed that there will be no deal on carbon regulation signed in Copenhagen which increases the chances that there will never be another carbon regulating treaty on this blue planet.

Bye, bye, Copenhagen treaty. Note that comrade Obama doesn't wave his hand because the agreement about no agreement means that this advocate of the climate insanities has become a big loser once again. Click to zoom in.

The gaps between the rich and poor, and between the rich themselves, are just way too wide, especially for 22 days that remain until the summit in the Danish capital. It's not hard to calculate the gap between any pair of countries, X and Y. It's approximately equal to the money that the country with the smaller GDP in the pair wants the bigger country to pay for CO2 emissions reduction. ;-)

In a sane world, this number would be equal (and, hopefully, will be equal) to zero, so any nonzero value of this quantity creates tension. The overall gaps sum up to trillions of dollars. And imagine what happens with your friendship when you disagree with another person whether he owes you trillions of dollars.

The leaders still seem to agree to meet in Copenhagen because tourism paid by the taxpayers is nice for all those thousands of f***ing parasites who are "working" on this kind of stuff even though many of them concede that Bali was a nicer place to meet.

Gore heckled

By the way, Sun Sentinel, WPTV, and Miami Herald I / II described a story in Boca Raton, Florida on Saturday when Preaching Hypocrite Al Gore was heckled by roughly 200 loud climate realists. Hat tip: Noel Sheppard.

Much like in the U.S. - click the graph above - the AGW believers in the U.K. represent 41% of the population only: see The Times for details.

Meanwhile, The Tennessean ran an interview with Al Gore who claims to be convinced that there is an ever greating support of the fight against climate change. I am afraid that until this f***ing jerk gets a proper thrashing so that his mouth is irreversibly modified in a way that he can actually see in the mirror every morning, he won't bother to notice the reality and distinguish the truth from the lies.

I urge you to use all legal tools that are available to you to give him a proper thrashing.

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  1. The majority of these APEC countries have a history of thousand of years back in the past, most of them have suffered and endured colonialism and have survived. As I heard from a hindu physicist and swami: "You belong to a culture; a culture takes thousand of years to pass into the blood, you must be aware and consciuos of this fact".
    Well, here are the four steps old cultures´people take when hearing a fool:

    1st.They greet you with a smile.
    2nd.They bow at you.
    3rd.When you turn around, they fart at you.
    4th.They totally forget you.