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Bird baguette-bombs and overheats the LHC

The following graph shows the temperature in the 8-1 sector of the LHC:

You see that one of the magnets is near 10 Kelvin. All of them should be at 1.9 Kelvin. The sector 7-8 looks similarly bad. What happened?

As some scientists have argued, God is sabotaging the LHC from the future. ;-) However, the Islamic terrorist no longer works at CERN. So what can poor Allah do? Well, he or He or she or She can always use a bird.

And if you were Allah, what would you tell the bird to do so that it won't be immediately obvious that Allah is the culprit? It's simple. Just tell the bird to bomb the collider with a baguette.

While the previous stories may sound as a sequence of silly jokes, believe me or not, the overheated LHC from the graph was caused by a recent drop of a baguette by a bird:

The Times, The Register, Popular Science
Such incidents will delay things by three days. When asked whether such problems will occur in the future, the LHC people said that they were inevitable. In other words, God exists. ;-)

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