Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Currency Exchange Rates: Google Chrome Extension

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This page doesn't contain too much nontrivial stuff but I just wanted to provide Google with an URL so that the field doesn't remain empty.

The actual home page of the extension at Google Chrome's extension server ends with the code
dcbifoamfdgdekmhebhlckefhellliim (click)

An Old Calculator

The real page of an old calculator ends with the code:
okchmhdoihblcikdcedjpofciafcaoko (click)


  1. "Your favorite radio" extension 100% volume is much smaller than using Windows Media Player by using the same station for test.

  2. That's interesting, Kenny. I don't know the reason. At any rate, I suspended servicing of this extension - and even I personally use a much more professional competition, Chrome Radio Player. ;-)

  3. Hi! I'm really impressed with your little piano extension! But... it doesn't work for me. When I click the button, the piano shows up, but when I click on the embedded flash, nothing happens. The keys don't play or "press down", I can't right-click it, and the help button doesn't work. I can pop out the piano just fine, and the resulting piano in the pop-up window works like a charm. What is wrong?

  4. OK, apologies, something had to change in newer versions of Chrome and I don't have enough time and expertise to find the fix...

    Having to make a separate window is not that bad, after all, although then it's equivalent to just opening the SWF file haha that I didn't create.