Thursday, November 12, 2009

An expedition to Spooksville

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In the afternoon, I went to Spooksville to see the haunted house. Let me assure you that I have met no poltergeists, zombies, or extraterrestrial aliens.

The following picture is hopefully enough to prove that the "official" science is doing fine: it's an ordinary house, with an ordinary digger digging an ordinary hole, and with tons of thick wires grounding the whole field. ;-)

Click to zoom in.

Recall that the village was named Spooksville ("Strašice" in Czech) because of some scary knights of the roads who were robbing the traders a few centuries ago. Four miles closer to Pilsen, the situation was already safe which is why the other village was named Goodville ("Dobřív" in Czech).

I was surprised how much excavation work was going on in the village. In the vicinity of the haunted house, this activity got to a brand new level. The whole field has been grounded by hundreds of meters of a thick metal. An additional digger is creating a big hole next to the house.

I have spoken to the owner of the house for half an hour or so. With his bottle of Gambrinus beer, he was relatively relaxed. They have lived without electricity (at least during days, when the activity was said to be stronger) since late September. He told me about his experiences and some facts. Besides some new and relevant non-verbal impressions, the only new piece of information was that the neighbors have had some electricity problems, too.

The boy - a seventh-grader - is a pleasant and clever guy who was more shy than I expected. While he's been good in the mathematical and biological olympiads, I learned that the "firefighter contest" that his team has won in the spring was actually a "young paramedical worker competition". My certainty that the boy may have been behind all these unusual phenomena has considerably weakened but it hasn't disappeared.

So right now, I am completely undecided - 50:50 - whether some physically unusual phenomena have occurred there or not. The boy as the author remains the most likely "single" hypothesis of mine.

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