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Google Chrome OS

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As a user of Google Chrome 4.0, I was interested in the newest Google press conference about the Google Chrome Operating System (OS) that was released to the open-source community today.

The conference could be watched by opening the following URL in the Windows Media Player:

I don't expect most readers to be extremely interested. But let me just say that Google Chrome OS is meant to be a lightweight operating system
  • where everything is based on the Internet which offers its creators an alternative, extreme unifying philosophical approach to operating systems
  • where applications appear in tabs just like pages in the Google Chrome browser
  • whose philosophy and justification is advocated in this 3-minute video (YouTube)
  • whose function may be understood as the Google Chrome browser with the essential underlying processes and drivers and with the native client (able to run applications) incorporated in it
  • that boots in 7 seconds, instead of the Windows' 45 seconds, because most OS "formalities" are eliminated
  • that is based on Debian Linux
  • that will focus on light, undernourished netbooks (with flash drives but no hard disk) in 2010 but may be extended to more full-fledged computers afterwards
  • that was described in this 7-minute demo (YouTube)
  • that will make you completely screwed if your internet provider or the service provider of an essential service is down
  • when they're hacked, you're really down because all your data, including a TXT file you just edit in Notepad, is available via the Google cloud
See Google News.

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