Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harvard Gazette on Vafa's phenomenology

The Harvard Gazette published an exciting article explaining what the LHC is all about:
A line on string theory
A few weeks ago, Cumrun Vafa went to CERN to check how the employees are preparing for their most important piece of work which is to test his and Jonathan Heckman's F-theoretical phenomenological scenarios. ;-)

Vafa and Heckman - with their occasional collaborators and competitors - assume that gravity is decoupled and supersymmetry survives to low energies. They're led to F-theory compactifications with gauge fields sitting at real codimension-two manifolds, matter fields sitting at real codimension-four cycles, and cubic interactings arising from the real codimension-six points.

This blog has discussed some theoretical aspects of this approach many times. The article in the Harvard Gazette is original because it extracted some concise expectations about the LHC observations from Cumrun. He thinks it's likely - especially if their scenario is valid - that the gravitino (the dark matter particle in these models) together with the stau are the lightest superpartners.

And stau can be quite a player because if it's produced, it could live up to a minute and imprint Cumrun's and Jonathan's names onto the LHC tunnel many times. ;-)

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