Friday, November 06, 2009

Kevin Rudd: deniers are dangerous

Armchair climate scientist Kevin Rudd whose somewhat reduced ability to perceive the reality around him hasn't stopped him from becoming the Australian prime minister has decided that climate deniers are dangerous.

See Full Transcript, The Sydney Morning Herald, Bloomberg, Reuters, Radio Australia, Google News.

"As we approach Copenhagen, these three groups of climate sceptics are quite literally holding the world to ransom," he told policy think-tank the Lowy Institute in Sydney. ;-) In fact, climate change skeptics are "reckless gamblers".

If you wonder what the three groups of deniers are, they're the people who
  1. deny that climate change is caused by human activity
  2. refuse to act on the evidence
  3. want other countries to act first,
which approximately cover 99.9% of the world's population. ;-) Well, even Al Gore recently admitted that the majority of the 20th century climate change wasn't caused by the mankind. And even most of the remaining people - who are largely agnostic on global warming - realize that even if global warming were an issue, carbon trading is not the answer to our prayers: see e.g. Tracy Corrigan in The Telegraph. And even Friends of the Earth have seen enough to oppose carbon trading.

According to Bloomberg, Rudd has divided the climate realists into different three groups, namely to "do-nothing" skeptics, deniers, and a "gaggle of conspiracy theorists".

Well, I am personally not a skeptic but rather a denier, and I am surely not a "do-nothing" person. There is a lot of stuff that has to be done - especially when it comes to removing of tons of green legislative weeds from the countries' legal systems.

The people who are responsible for billions of taxpayers' dollars misdirected to subsidies for windmills, solar panels, and other ludicrous sources of energy should be tried for defalcation. This is not a "do-nothing" approach and I kindly ask the senile Australian chap to take notice. ;-)

"It's time to remove any polite veneer from this debate," Rudd also said in a lengthy address to Sydney's Lowy Institute on Friday. "The stakes are that high." Well, your humble correspondent happens to agree on this point with the f@cked-up communist @sshole. ;-)

How does Kevin Rudd see us? "They are a minority. They are powerful. And invariably they are driven by vested interests," he said.

Well, we're so powerful. ;-) And while some people - even on the skeptical side - may be financially motivated, this stimulation must be seen in its context. While skeptics may have received $19 million by 2008, alarmists have gotten around $50 billion, which is 2,500 times more than the powerful skeptics.

A brave sane person could perhaps even dare to suggest that an overwhelming funding edge is unlikely to be the reason why the skeptics are powerful while the climatic chicken littles and the champions of the global carbon communism are the sore losers of this particular confrontation of ideas and principles. ;-)

It's interesting that Rudd exactly agrees with Moonbat. Both Gentlemen think that the climate change hysteria began to die two years ago.

Rudd said: "In Australia, before the 2007 election, this group was thought to be relatively small. There appeared - for a time - to be bipartisan consensus on the need for action on climate change. In recent times, this bipartisan support has frayed." These sentences were followed by numerous quotes of the Australian politicians who agree that they shouldn't uncritically adopt carbon regulation and that their previously expressed opinions could have only differed due to the atmosphere of intimidation.

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