Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LHC at CERN: first collisions

ALICE's inner tracker

Over the weekend, the Large Hadron Collider smashed the first pairs of protons. Ever. See
CERN press release, DVICE, Physics Central, The Independent, The Latest News
As The Independent mentions in another article, the current center-of-mass energy was 1 TeV, so we have another Tevatron right now. ;-)

They're watching the LHC beams, not baseball!

Before the Christmas, the center-of-mass energy sqrt(s) should be raised to 2.4 TeV, bringing the LHC its global hegemony for the first time (the Tevatron collides at 1.96 TeV). Update: that much was achieved already on November 30th, so far without collisions.

Just a week or two after the Christmas, Brian Cox expects first collisions at 7 TeV (half the maximum capacity). Such collisions may already boast their huge discovery potential, of course.

Michio Kaku did some vulgarization of the LHC at Foxnews. ;-) He talked about Reagan's dream and his daily job of string theory research (for "living") - which, after 1999, seems slightly exaggerated to me. ;-)

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  1. Very exciting news indeed. I love how the guy in the picture is practically wetting his pants while the woman next to him is about to fall asleep.