Saturday, November 28, 2009

Michio Kaku talks to Lisa Dwan

Two times 10 minutes.

This is a pretty amazing stream of captivating and mostly ludicrous fantasies.

Kaku tells us that we will soon have mirrors on the walls that will choose the sex partners for the evening from the whole world, including secret information about her bankruptcy.

The grandfather paradox was just solved in Star Trek, he tells us, by having recognized time as a river that branches into two parts. ;-) Dwan has a twin sister in a parallel universe where Elvis is alive and Obama is not the U.S. president.

Michio Kaku thinks that nuclear weapons are no longer necessary ;-) and nuclear energy doesn't belong to Earth and is unlikely to ever be "completed". Fusion will work in 30 years, he thinks - that's probably a fair estimate although no one really knows.

Kaku's main reason to stop the world's economy is that children will hate us because they will know that because of global warming, Santa Claus doesn't have ice on the North Pole. ;-) Quite a reason! (Couldn't Santa Claus built an air-conditioned icy castle over there? Isn't it cheaper than trillions of dollars?) Kaku also thinks that the poles "control the weather" - whoops.

Nightwork: "Global Warming". The Czech version, which has attracted millions of YouTube viewers, is actually better. One of the reasons is that a more moderate Czech word for a homosexual is "teplej" (a warm one), which links homosexuality to global warming. ;-)

For example, he believes that England is on the same latitude as Northern Canada (it is actually comparable to central Canada: England is between 50°N and 54°N while the Western half of the main U.S.-Canadian border is near 48°N but the Canada-Alaska border sits between 60°N and 69°N and the islands in the North go up to 80°N or so: the center of mass of Canada may be close to 60°N, well above 52°N of England, so England is closer to Southern Canada than Northern Canada - but obviously, Southern Canada is more important because of its higher population density so by "Canada", some people may mean "Southern Canada", anyway) and that England will freeze over because the Gulf Stream will stop (it can't stop because it is ultimately driven by the Earth's spin).

WR104, an unstable star 8,000 light years from us, is a big threat, he thinks, because when it goes supernova (maybe hundreds of thousands of years from now), it will kill us by X-rays emitted along the axis where we exactly live - X-rays that he calls "black hole information" for reasons that look completely irrational to me.

(However, it turned out that we are actually something like 30° away from the axis - an O(1) angle, and it is very questionable whether there would be any threat even if we were right on the axis.)

Nevertheless, Lisa Dwan looks really concerned. ;-)

Kaku says that we are "what the physicists call type 0 civilization". I thought that this is a vocabulary of UFO believers. We are approaching type I civilization, he reports. ;-) The Internet is the beginning of type I telephone system while the European Union is the beginning of a type I economy (I exploded in laughter right here because the EU economy is at most a less uniform counterpart of the U.S. economy).

English will be the language of type I - and maybe Mandarin in type II (she should have said Japanese if she wanted to flatter his background). ;-) They continue with a discussion or moral undercurrents and darkness such as terrorism, global warming, and American imperialism (she adds, wow) that prevent us from our transformation to type I UFO multicultural progressive civilization. ;-)

UFOs, that surely exist in his opinion, may have destroyed themselves after reaching the type I status. Kaku also thinks that while 99% reports of UFO are bogus, 1% of them are real because they can't be explained by science. :-) Some smarter UFOs can be around but they haven't contacted us because we're just irrelevant ants for them. (Well, that's pretty silly because some of us still do study ants, and even if we're like ants, ants like us are pretty rare that deserve to be studied by the UFO entomologists.)

Well, I think that the evidence shows that the density of intelligent civilizations except for ours is zero or very small, and even if one assumes it is nonzero, it seems unlikely that there exist any "type II" or higher civilizations in the visible patch of the Universe.

Our own current politics indicates that the growth may often/mostly stop before the "type I" (planetary) status is achieved because the environmental or similar ideological virus infects a sufficient portion of the civilization that thinks that it is immoral to take over the planet, and the growth must be stopped before the "type I" point. Can we defeat this environmentalist "sustainable" anti-growth dirt? If we can't do it, we shouldn't assume that the other civilizations are able to overcome this one plus several additional obstacles.

He ends up with a classification of type I and type II Gods which surprisingly ends up as one of the most sensible parts of his comments. ;-) At any rate, the video is a pretty good reflection of the scientific accuracy in the thinking of the people who consider themselves elites today. Well, it's a pile of unscientific nonsense that is analogous to the religious beliefs of our ancestors.

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  1. 2012 now. They still exist?

    Crazy UFO nuts go off the deep end and cites questionable and long debunked hoaxes. And to think I used to like this site.
    UFOologists make Creationists look sane, and AGW proponents saner.
    BTW, Lubos, is the concept of a flying saucer even capable of physics? One would think that a "superior" alien species would know physics, or at least know it better.

  3. Hi! It depends how you define a flying saucer. Generally, it may be just a rocket or spaceship of a certain shape. Of course it's possible to make the shape in this way. It may be rotating around the axis to create artificial gravitational field and it has other advantages. It has disadvantages, too.