Thursday, November 26, 2009

UAH in November 2009: around 0.51 deg C

Update: it worked, the anomaly was 0.50 °C and I predicted 0.51 °C almost two weeks earlier.

Based on the daily UAH data, the global UAH anomaly for November 2009 will be 0.51 °C, plus minus 0.2 °C, up sharply from 0.28 °C in October 2009. A significantly strengthened El Nino may be partly blamed for the development.

The official 2009 Atlantic hurricane season will be completed at the end of November, too. So far, we have seen
  • 9 named storms, including
  • 3 hurricanes, including
  • 2 major hurricanes
  • ACE index: 50.8
If this score remains the final one, the season will be below normal, below the predictions, the ACE-weakest season since 1997, the 14th ACE-weakest season among the 59 seasons between 1950 and 2009, twice as ACE-weak as the mean 1950-2005 season (the mean is 102.3), five times ACE-weaker than the 2005 season (whose ACE was 248), but stronger than the average prediction of our August 2009 poll.

At any rate, the data above are enough to explain why sleazy, greedy, and immoral environmental opportunists choose different backgrounds for their photographs than a hurricane in 2009.

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