Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010: neutralino may beat the Higgs

Nude Socialist printed a short article with a simple purpose: the Higgs particle may be hard to be seen in 2010 but the lightest supersymmetric particle - possibly a neutralino which would be the best dark matter candidate - could be much easier to find.

For the first time, the readers of this magazine are correctly told that supersymmetry could actually be discovered by the LHC before the Higgs boson - even though supersymmetry is much more revolutionary and much less certain than the Higgs mechanism. That's how the masses, cross sections, and signals work.

As Patrick Goss says, supersymmetry is so 2010. The recent mixed non-observation of some possibly dark-matter-induced events by CDMS has somewhat increased chances that the dark matter is right behind the corner although this question remains to be settled.

(No, the odds for a SUSY neutralino were surely not reduced after the newest CDMS results as some stupid people on the web suggest: more SUSY-like events obviously mean a higher chance of SUSY. These morons usually refer to a 20-month-old article by Tommaso Dorigo which was brutally statistically unjustified already when it was written - and moreover, it doesn't take the two new CDMS events into account for obvious causal reasons.)

Click the picture of milk for a short review of neutralinos by Gordon Kane.

Afshar, Telegraph, and war

Meanwhile, The Telegraph gives a lot of space to a crazy physicist, Shahriar Afshar (whom I know in person), who has previously made ludicrous statements about the invalidity of the postulates of quantum mechanics.

The eager Muslim predicts that there will be a civil war in the physics community if the God particle is not found. ;-)

Well, first of all, it is extremely unlikely that the Higgs won't be found at all. Second of all, if it is not found, everyone will be equally confused. There will be no room for "infighting". Instead, there will be room for completely new theories and for people's creativity.

Off-topic: a novel

In March 2010, Ian McEwan who has earned GBP 24 million in a decade will publish a new novel, Solar. It will be a story about a Larry Summers, renamed as Michael Beard, who also wins a physics Nobel prize for an artificial photosynthesis solution of "climate change".

However, on October 2004, he reads an essay on women in physics by your humble correspondent, after a feminist complains to him - a president of Harvard - by e-mail. In January 2005, he gives a very similar talk at a conference about women in science: the asymmetry between men and women in science may be caused by innate differences. An explosion in the media and elsewhere follows.

What an original theme by McEwan. ;-) Via Paul Cook.

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