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ClimateGate after 3 days

Update: Eduardo Zorita and Hans von Storch, mainstream yet not hysterical climatologists, have a new climate blog, Klimazwiebel (Climate Onion). Try it.
I was away from the Internet for 2.5 days. The conference in Berlin was great fun, the participants except for your humble correspondent were fascinating (other speakers included Lord Monckton, Fred Singer, Henrik Svensmark, Nils-Axel Mörner, and others) and I have neither time nor energy to report everything that happened although there would be a great deal to report.

The discussions with the other famous skeptics were very interesting, too.

The trip was tiring especially because of my broken rib 12 days ago (by a tip of a hockey stick: I am sure that Mann is ultimately going to be punished for this one, too), very cool temperatures on Friday (the Greenpeace protesters against us were quite brave because they had to be freezing), and various small glitches.

Of course, lots of e-mails were waiting for me at home etc. It was also important to see how "qualitatively" the ClimateGate has jumped in those 2.5 days. BBC (U.K.) and CBC (Canada) did some great pieces, Michael Mann has thrown Phil Jones under the bus, waiting for a truck.

Please feel free to discuss about anything here.

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