Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daily Mail: special investigation of Warmergate

We have seen many good op-eds about the climate science. But I think that this fresh article in the Daily Mail is unprecedentedly good among the journalistic investigations.
SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Climate change emails row deepens as Russians admit they DID come from their Siberian server
They discuss the possible Russian role in the Warmergate, as they call the Climategate, which may or may not go beyond the server in Tomsk.

But they mostly focus on the actual content of the ZIP file and what the two sides think about the flawed hockey stick methodology. The nature of the "hidden decline" is explained pretty well. Steve McIntyre and Richard Lindzen are mentioned. Roger Pielke was an important source.

David Rose who wrote the investigation made this following cute comment about the medieval warm period:
However, different proxies give very different results. For example, some suggest that the ‘medieval warm period’, the 350-year era that started around 1000, when red wine grapes flourished in southern England and the Vikings tilled now-frozen farms in Greenland, was considerably warmer than even 1998.

Related: 900 supporting IPCC scientists arrested in Copenhagen. They were dressed in black, wore illegal masks, threw bricks, broke shop windows, and formed a long homosexual chain across the Danish capital. Greenpeace is controlling Angela Merkel as their puppet.
Of course, this is inconvenient to climate change believers because there were no cars or factories pumping out greenhouse gases in 1000AD - yet the Earth still warmed.
And Philip Stott summarizes the problem of the hockey stick succintly:
Any scientist ought to know that you just can’t mix and match proxy and actual data.
There's a lot of stuff about the secrecy of the CRU and IPCC work, too.

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