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FoxNews interviews Václav Klaus: AGW is a new religion

FoxNews has interviewed Czech president Václav Klaus:

Czech President Klaus: Global Warming Not Science, but a 'New Religion' (click)
The point of the belief system are not the temperatures themselves but the desire to punish the Man for his sins.

Because of his vigorous defense of freedom, FoxNews compares Klaus - who was called the world's gutsiest politician on the station 2 months ago - to Thatcher and Churchill at various moments.

Klaus explains why most changes of the climate are cyclical and natural; why the long-term CO2 pledges have been so beneficial for many politicians so far; what are the diverse motivations of various people who join the movement; why the CO2 reduction plans are irrational and would hurt the civilization; that the silent majority agrees with him; but the kids are being fed the propaganda, threatening that this religion will survive in the future; that a critical debate about this phenomenon is still largely absent; and why it has been shown a bad idea for the government to tell what companies should do and what technologies they should develop.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Thomas said...

Czechoslovakia is lucky to have a politician like President Klaus the world needs more like him

reader bluebird said...

Czechoslovakia does not longer exist (for rather noticeable 17 years). Not saying that it's a good thing.

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