Monday, December 21, 2009

FoxNews on AGW and McIntyre

Global warming... or a lot of hot air?

If you have spare 45 minutes, you may check whether this FoxNews report on global warming issues was "balanced".

Full screen...

Click the tape (next to "play") for the six pieces of the playlist.

The first part shows some AGW champions behind Copenhagen. The second part focuses on the hockey sticks, Michael Mann, Ross McKitrick, and Steve McIntyre. Pat Michaels speaks a lot, too. The third part is about the ClimateGate.

The fourth part is dedicated to Bjorn Lomborg's opinions - comparisons of the importance and economic efficiency of carbon mitigation and malnutrition or diseases; George Monbiot adds some hysteria at the end. The fifth part looks into the U.S. Congress and the impact on the Americans. The final, sixth part looks how the EPA may circumvent democracy and directly regulate the households.

By the way, today, the price of European carbon indulgences dropped by 8.7% to a six-month low of EUR 12.40 because of these people's failure in Copenhagen.

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