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James Hansen vs Marc Morano: a debate

There will be a Morano-Hansen debate on (just the website) tomorrow, i.e. on Thursday! Let's admit, Hansen is pretty courageous - or suicidal - to try to debate a brighter, more informed, faster, more articulate, more balanced, trained, younger, professional skeptic.

Update: Hansen has returned to his senses and chickened out. They will have to find an alternative guest. Or no guest. See this page for the final Morano's appearance.

So far, I will offer you this Christmas video. Ann has noticed that the Copenhagen summit takes twelve days - an incredibly long time for such a nonsense. ;-)

That's a great opportunity for Twelve Days of Global Warming by the Minnesotans for Global Warming.

By the way, the hapless carbon billionaire is able to cause the Gore effect on TV, too. Seconds after Gore warned of another global warming Armageddon, CNN reported a monster winter storm. ;-)

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