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Johnny Ball booed by an aggressive audience

Johnny Ball, a TV legend from BBC of the 1970s and 1980s who popularized mathematics and science - see e.g. The Red Planet - was booed by a far-left audience during a Christmas party of the fans of science and atheism. The reason? His AGW skepticism. See The Telegraph:

Johnny Ball booed by atheists over climate change denial
Balls to Johnny (Chortle)
Johnny Ball on BBC Radio, March 09
Shame on you, these people - if you deserve this name at all. You're just pathetic, folks.

You're members of a gang of narrow-minded idiots who seem to believe that the more obnoxious left-wing fanatics you are, the more scientific you become. Or at least you successfully pretend that you believe that. Except that it is not true at all. Science has no permanent correlation with politics and if there exists a correlation today, left-wing politics and science are on the opposite sides of the barricade.

Johnny Ball is apparently an atheist himself. It's just amazing to watch what kind of a radical hardcore is evolving inside the community of left-wing self-described champions of science who are actually not champions of science at all.

By the way, James Randi is an AGW skeptic which may explain why Phil Plait recently stepped down from his top position in JREF. Of course, far left activists in the blogosphere are not happy about Randi's attitude. Thanks to Jorge P.

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snail feedback (1) :

reader Botogol said...

he was given the treatment partly becasue of what he said, partly because he started to ramble wierdly and partly becasue he was on stage for 20 minutes.... (alloted time: 7 mins).

I was was there

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