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Morozko: Mrazík

Tonight, Czech TV NOVA is going to air "Morozko" (in Czech: "Mrazík", in English: "Jack Frost"), a classic Russian fairy-tale that has become immensely popular in Czechoslovakia, too. The Czech and Slovak viewers have seen it during the Christmas holidays on each year during the last 25+ years or so. Here is the full fairy-tale:

We have lots of cool Czech fairy-tale movies, too - for example, "Three Nuts for Cinderella" has also become hugely popular in Germany which helped to shoot it in the 1970s - but "Morozko" is special.

The video above is in Russian, nine parts, about 80 minutes. If you don't know, Ms Nastyenka, a modest girl, much like Cinderella, will eventually marry Mr Ivan who is attractive but excessively self-confident at the beginning but he becomes manageable. Ms Nastyenka has an unattractive but pampered half-sister, Ms Marphusha, an evil stepmother, and a submissive father who can't help her much.

Mr Morozko, or "Mrazík" in Czech, is the Russian patron of winter, an Eastern Slavic Santa Claus clone. He plays some role in putting the two young people together. There is also an old dwarf, a witch, some village people, etc.

One of the reasons why the show got so popular in Czechoslovakia - regardless of socialism, capitalism, and unstable Czechoslovak-Russian relations - was the excellent Czech dubbing. The program would probably beat many famous Hollywood movies if they dared to "run" against Morozko. ;-)

For example, the witch was dubbed by Mr František Filipovský, a late top actor who also dubbed Louis de Funnes ;-) in all his movies and who was the grandfather of Ms Pavlína Wolfová, a well-known journalist who also created the piece "The Buster of Infinities" in the Reflex Magazine about your humble correspondent. ;-)

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