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Phil Jones "temporarily" fired: ClimateGate lags behind Velvet Revolution by 4 days

Picture: Daily Express became the first U.K. paper that put the climate change manipulation on the front page. Click the thumbnail for a story.

Today, Phil Jones was replaced by Peter Liss, the new acting director. Liss studies gases in the sea.

I have used the term "Climate Velvet Revolution" for "ClimateGate" in a newspaper article (EN) of mine that was printed at a few places.

"We Shall Overcome" ("Jednou budem dál") was one of the popular songs sung at the Velvet Revolution rallies in Czechoslovakia. Two weeks ago, Havel was employed as a clamp holder of Joan Baez's guitar when she attended the 20th anniversary concert in Prague. In the talk above (I have no idea how old a talk it is: maybe November 2009 - his "transcendental" but pretty irrelevant topics have really nothing to do with any particular moment), Havel asks how Czechs' and Slovaks' lives would look like in another 20 years.

The analogy is obvious. The Velvet Revolution - the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia - was started when students were beaten by the communist cops. The Climate Velvet Revolution began when it turned out that the key IPCC scientists who pumped the alarmist "consensus" into the reports - East Anglia's CRU climatologists plus a couple of their friends - have been using hopelessly messy datasets, were fraudulently "improving" the data, and were hurting everyone who obtained inconvenient results by behind-the-scenes pogroms.

The timing

The Velvet Revolution began on Friday, November 17th, 1989, when the students were beaten at a rally in Prague. The Climate Velvet Revolution began 20 years and 3 days later, on Friday (the same day of the week), November 20th, 2009, when the world really learned about the leaked documents (which were already posted on the previous day).
Remotely related: the champions of the irrational alarm go ballistic. According to The Guardian, if Australia doesn't silence its skeptics, the continent will become uninhabitable because camels will siege the remaining towns in the country. Well, medical help is recommended here.
The general secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, Mr Milouš Jakeš, a comedian against his will who was also known as a self-described lonely fence post (from his most famous talk given in Greater Pilsen in July 1989), resigned one week after the revolution began, on Friday, November 24th, 1989.

The obvious analogy should imply a resignation of Phil Jones ;-) and my schedule dictated that it should have occurred on Friday, November 27th, 2009. But it only took place today, on December 1st, 2009, i.e. 4 days later than my model predicted. Too bad. ;-) Moreover, they say that the resignation is just temporary, before an "independent investigation" is completed. Let's believe that it will actually be completed.

At any rate, I hope that the lag will be eliminated because many more interesting things should occur during this new Velvet Revolution.

Much like in the ClimateGate, we had communist Big Cheeses who didn't understand that a revolution was underway. Most famously, comrade Miroslav Štěpán - the relatively young boss of communists in Prague who wanted to become the #1 Czechoslovak communist leader at the big 1990 communist mafia gathering - gave this well-known speech on November 23rd, 1989 in front of the ČKD (factory) workers in Prague 9, asking them for their support.

He said: "We are starting from one point: that the pillar is the opinion of the working class. And that's why the central committee of the party also believes that it can rely exactly on the workers and the working people in our Prague 9 district, especially in the ČKD plant. In no country, in no country, in no country, neither developing nor socialist nor capitalist one, there exists the thing that 15-year-old children determine when the president should leave or come or who he should be. And that's unfortunately what has taken place."

In this classic exchange from the history textbooks, the workers were screaming and added "We're not children! We're not children!" ;-)

In 1989, Václav Havel was unanimously elected the Czechoslovak president - even by the communist deputies who were equally unanimously keeping him in jail just a few months earlier (some bullying from the revolutionaries was needed). It was on December 29th, 1989. Add 20 years and 3 days to see that exactly on January 1st, 2010, a climate denier should be unanimously chosen the boss of the IPCC.

Now, potential candidates such as Lord Monckton may disagree with this plan sketched by your humble correspondent. Some of them want to abolish the IPCC instead because it is contaminated from the very birth. Well, while it's true, I happen to think that the global mess - in the climate science as well as in the new "green industries" - that the IPCC has created can only be peacefully cured by an equally organized international organization that could still be called the IPCC although it will probably be closer to our NIPCC. ;-)

So I hope that Lord Monckton and other candidates will understand the reality and the importance of some continuity (and the possibility that your humble correspondent could already have some intuition from similar revolutions), and one of them will accept Pachauri's job on January 1st, 2010. ;-)

One day after Mr Jakeš resigned, the president gave amnesty to a couple of key dissidents. So I hope that tomorrow, key climate skeptics who have been in some trouble anywhere in the world will be rehabilitated, too. You should make sure it's the case. Look around who needs the help. ;-)

Assuming that the lag is removed, the purely communist government resigned on December 3rd, 1989, which means that the green puppets should generally resign on December 6th, 2009. ;-) They were replaced by a softer government that lasted for 4 days, i.e. until December 7th, 1989 which translates to December 10th, 2009. At that time, a noncommunist government led by a tolerable communist - who taught the new politicians how to control the structure - was named.

The new government began on December 10th, 1989, which is the same day when the last communist president, Mr Gustáv Husák, resigned. So I expect Rajendra Pachauri to collect his soya and leave the office on December 13th, 2009.

The first free elections that will substitute a mostly non-communist i.e. non-alarmist government to the environmental international organizations should occur in June 1989 i.e. June 2009. The assets of the Big Cheeses of the collapsed regime - e.g. the assets of Al Gore - should be privatized in the following years. Alternatively, we may choose the Romanian method to deal with the main leader(s).

I also recommend the world to adopt the analogy of the Czechoslovak lustration law that will prevent secret collaborators with the alarmists from acquiring public offices.

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