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String theory and turbulence

The first hep-th paper today is called

String Theory and Turbulence (PDF)
and it was written by Jejjala, Minic, Ng, and Tze. Turbulence is a very complex set of phenomena with various scaling laws. Some of them look like having a holographic, string-theoretical origin. And the authors claim that it is indeed the case.

Migdal's loop variables and various solutions to their equations are players in their derivations and various "2/3"-th powers of the volume etc. are generated as the results. Quite interesting.

The AdS/CFT correspondence has been used to analyze gauge theories, heavy ions, condensed matter systems, cold atoms, and superconductivity in terms of gravity in a higher-dimensional spacetime. And it's just way too natural to add turbulence into this list.

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