Friday, January 29, 2010

Bin Laden wants to replace Pachauri

Osama bin Laden, who has undergone a surgery that shortened his legs by 1 foot and who became an average communist politician in Spain, as the FBI has determined by having browsed through the Google images, ;-) has chosen the jihad against climate change to become his new #1 obsession.
BBC, Aljazeera, Daily Mail, Google News
According to the new tape (see the full transcript), his first goal is to replace Rajendra Pachauri as the boss of the International Panel for Climate Change and to win the 2010 Nobel peace prize. He has everything that you expect from the Nobel prize winners, based on the recent experience. Moreover, he's one of the few politicians who can boast some results in their struggle against the carbon dioxide: in 2001, he reduced the world's CO2 output by the emissions produced by 3,000 people.

In his new tape about global warming, he said the same things that we often hear from the likes of Rajendra Pachauri and Al Gore (their identical way of irrational, quasi-religious thinking is very hard to hide), so I don't have to repeat most of his talk. Bin Laden urges all the countries to obey their Kyoto protocol obligations and agrees with his comrade Noam Chomsky that the U.S. policies are similar to those of the Mafia. George W. Bush has only rejected Kyoto to please the large corporations. The usual stuff you hear in the liberal media. After all, bin Laden is just another progressive.
Commercial by Osama's soulmates: I am Mac and I am going to make strip-tease because this global warming drives me mad. Let's only choose people abroad who share our values.
But he, Osama, has also added some improvements. He claims to have found an Al Gore Rhythm to destroy the U.S. economy even more quickly than the conventional cap-and-trade bills were planning to do. A forced demise of the U.S. dollar is a part of his project to decarbonize the world's economy.

Osama bin Laden is the most expensive AGW alarmist in the world. If you catch him, dead or alive, you will get $50 million from the U.S. government, much more than you could ever dream of by catching Al Gore or Rajendra Pachauri. This bounty which was offered during George W. Bush's reign (and doubled in 2007) hasn't yet been cancelled because Barack Obama hasn't yet been able to appreciate the value of his most powerful ally in the fight against climate change, a politician who can control approximately one billion of believers in the religion of peace.
A debate: Lord Monckton and Ian Plimer debated two alarmists in Australia. The latter didn't have any chance. It seems that they were not even of aristocratic origin. ;-) WTF do these average brainwashed people dare to debate Lord Monckton?
In order for Osama to be accepted by the youth, both the Islamic ones as well as the deniers or infidels, he added a nice song to his speech about global warming.

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