Monday, January 25, 2010

China goes agnostic on AGW

As recently as ten weeks ago, there used to be a nearly complete consensus concerning the causes of climate change among the political representatives of the scientists paid by 6.8 billion people on this planet.

Things are finally starting to melt a little bit. As BBC reported today and The Guardian wrote yesterday, China's envoy stated that "they think that we need an open attitude to science." ClimateGate, GlacierGate, and other recent scandals are are at least partially responsible for the new position of China. Well, you should better subtract 1.34 billion people (20% of the world population) from the figure above.

Xie Zhenhua declared that the reasons of climate change are not known and there exist views that natural cycles are the cause. These views should be included in the next IPCC report, he stressed.

Once after these new official Chinese views were publicized, the other envoys of the "BASIC" emergent markets were asked for their opinions. South Africa's minister Ms Buyelwa Sonjica - see the picture - decided that she didn't speak English while Jairam Ramesh of India argued that the Chinese statement was just a mistake caused by a malfunctioning audio system. You don't need to think twice who are the true deniers today. :-)

Most of the "BASIC" big cheeses emphasized that 1 IPCC error is equal to 0 IPCC errors and mathematical induction may be used to generalize this equivalence as far as needed. ;-)

While e.g. Lord Monckton reasonably wants to disband the IPCC, the United Nations, and send the people who have been linked to the IPCC to the jail ;-), China may eventually manage to convince him to replace discredited and defunct Mr Rajendra Pachauri as the new IPCC boss who will supervise the creation a more sensible fifth report. I think he could ask Fred Singer, the boss of the NIPCC, to do the job instead.

Aside from China, Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin recently argued that Russia has to prepare for global cooling as carefully as for global warming.

I feel that we should be seriously and professionally thinking about the ways to use the political influence of these powers to create the seed of new structures that will eliminate institutionalized yet one-sided climate alarmism from this blue planet because it doesn't have any right to exist. There's no doubt that in general, the Western countries are more democratic than the Eastern powers I mentioned. It just happened that when it came to the climate hysteria, it's the other way around.

El Nino weakened in recent weeks

As the El Nino weekly reports indicate, the recent El Nino episode has probably peaked one month ago, around December 20th, with the key Nino 3.4 index at 1.9 °C. It was very close to the 1997/1998 El Nino levels - that went up to 2.5 °C and that could have been matched if the strengthening continued for a little while.

Since that time, however, the index began to drop. The current value is 1.4 °C. It is completely conceivable that within less than two months, the El Nino conditions will be over.

Spiegel: Pachauri has to resign

Both German and English editions of Spiegel published the opinion of Tol, Pielke, and von Storch who claim that Pachauri has to be sacrificed in order to save the last remnants of the credibility of climate science. The Telegraph officially joins the calls: Pachauri should step down, among other expectations.

See a similar new official viewpoint of The Wall Street Journal about the quickly melting trustworthiness of the IPCC.

Meanwhile, Stump Report which thinks that global warming is dying a horrible death suggests Václav Klaus as the optimum candidate for a leader who would lead the world from the climate fraud to a new, more honest reality.

According to the newest poll by the Pew Research Center, Americans consider climate and energy to be the least important "priority" among 20+ political issues.

At the same moment, 133 Indian couples haven't yet understood that the Himalayan glaciers won't melt at least for many centuries. So following the Moonist template, they married en masse "to save the Himalayas". Such a perfect matching is probably the safest recipe for mass production of mentally retarded off-spring.

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