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IPCC: apology for glaciers, is that enough?

The IPCC has issued a statement,

IPCC statement on the melting of Himalayan glaciers
that CNN calls an apology. See other news outlets. They regret the "poor application of well-established IPCC procedures."

Well, I think that this statement is extremely tendentious because they use it to re-iterate the mostly irrational alarm about the glaciers - now, admittedly, without any numbers.

Moreover, all of us know that the "well-established IPCC procedures" are designed to achieve exactly these things - statements and numbers that are scientifically unjustifiable or that don't fairly reflect the underlying research but that are useful for the promotion of their main and predetermined conclusion, namely that climate change is something to worry about.

The newest statement is just another example of this fact because even though the scientific evidence has been shown to be non-existent, they don't want to change anything about their alarmist preconceptions.

I am not satisfied with the statement, I agree with the Indian newspapers etc. that the IPCC leadership responsible for this scandal should be removed, and I think we should be looking for ways to guarantee that this (resignation) is what will happen and the scandal is what will not happen again.

P.S.: It has happened many times in the past. For example, AP just informs about five IPCC errors related to glaciers. And the Science Magazine is going to publish a criticism of the IPCC taking this story as an example.

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