Thursday, January 28, 2010

UK officials: Univ of East Anglia broke the law

UPI and others have informed that according to the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office, the University of East Anglia - the main institutional actor in the ClimateGate - violated the U.K. Freedom Of Information Act, indeed.

The university won't be prosecuted because it was able to hide its illegal activities for more than six months. In order for these and similar criminals to be punished, we must actually catch them more quickly.

Micronesian engineers were just caught optimizing the distribution of coal among the new hypothetical blocks of the Czech power plant.

Meanwhile, these Gentlemen will lead a team of reviewers of the plans to upgrade the largest Czech power plant. The Czech regulators agreed (thanks!) that Woleaians are the best experts to do the job: see Wall Street Journal. Congratulations to Micronesia and a similarly civilized Greenpeace.

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  1. Shame about the statute of limitations.

    You might be interested: iPredict (a New Zealand real money event derivatives market) has a contract on whether Pachauri loses his job. It's trading at $0.27 for a contract paying $1 if Pachauri loses his job by May. See here.