Thursday, February 25, 2010

Al Gore will endorse Joe Quimby's Czech party

Joe Quimby, the mayor of Springfield, is known as Mr Jiří Paroubek in the Czech Republic.

And he's the current boss of the populist left-wing Czech Social Democratic Party. It promises their voters to take all the money from corporations - such as the main electric utility, ČEZ - and distribute it among the voters such as pensioners so that the pension will double every five years, and so on.

ČSSD [Che-SS-Dee] is a typical irresponsible socialist party which currently has around 30% approval rate and may win the elections in May 2010. Whom do you you expect to come to Prague in March and support this party? Yes, it is the inventor of the Internet and Al Gore Rhythms, Al Gore himself.

I suspect that he wanted to do something bad to President Klaus and some oversimplified sources that are not too familiar with the detailed situation and opinions of the Czech politicians told him that ČSSD is the most natural foe of the Czech president. ;-)

Via Olda K (CZ) and Lidovky. ;-)

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