Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Egypt: Israel to strike Iran from Gulf and Kurdistan

One important prime minister skipped the Copenhagen summit.

Benjamin Netanyahu's sensible explanation was that he didn't want to waste thousands of taxpayers' dollars for such a meaningless trip. Needless to say, he was right - the gathering was nothing else than a complete waste of money and a farce.

Of course, he had somewhat more serious things to do, too. ;-)

Tonight, Egyptian sources - backed by some circumstantial evidence from Saudi Arabia - claimed that
Israel is preparing an attack on Iran from the sea and from Northern Iraq
A good news is that the U.S. seem to be assisting Israel in the preparations although a direct co-operation of the U.S. in the Israeli attack still seems very unlikely. Mike Huckabee is disturbed by the current U.S. Iran policy.

Today, leading Egyptian newspapers also praised Mossad's boss, Meir Dagan, for having successfully disrupted the Iranian nuclear program in the last seven years.

Half a month ago, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, three sensible (and non-Shiite) countries in the region, were apparently coordinating their responses to a hypothetical Iranian reaction in a hypothetical future war. Well, the U.S. participated, too.

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