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The Einstein Approximation

The U.S. readers shouldn't forget to watch TBBT tonight. 8:30 pm CBS. Some excerpts:

Watch the full episode at CBS (click)
In the episode 1x14, Sheldon gets seriously stuck with a physics problem. Light cones, statistical physics, relativity, hexagons, and even carbon atoms seem to play some role here. :-)

I guess he is trying to derive the Einstein approximation of GR out of some stochastic model - an entropic force, if you wish. After all, his IQ is just 187 so you shouldn't be shocked that he sometimes spends a night with a hypothesis that cannot work.

(At the end, it was a rather mundane condensed-matter physics exercise concerned with the dispersion relations for electrons in graphene. At room temperature, graphene is the best among known conductors.)

But he finds a strategy to solve the problem: he decides to join Penny and the low classes of the society in the cheesecake factory. ;-) I am curious whether this trick will actually help him to move from the adhesive place but I am not sure whether CBS will tell us about this key question.

TBBT fans may like a very wise interview of Jim Parsons for IGN. You can see his conservative attitude to the multi-camera sitcom format and a deep understanding for the physicists' souls. He also "feels" the music and rhythm not only of string theory but also of his dialogues. ;-)

The Big Bang Theory has been watched by more than 15 million viewers at least during the recent three episodes, getting to the overall weekly rank #6, well above #40 in the first season.

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