Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FoxNews: IPCC plans big changes

One hour ago, FoxNews that has become the #1 up-to-date U.S. source of the information about the climate issues revealed that:
EXCLUSIVE: U.N. Climate Panel to Announce Significant Changes (click)
To reply to their "swift and devastating fall from grace", they should offer radical reforms "within a few days".

Rajendra Pachauri and Vijay Kelkar in Delhi.

FoxNews presents no details. It just suggests that they might get inspired by similar plans of Met Office to start from scratch which were described by FoxNews yesterday.

The article writes some details about the numerous IPCC "gates" and quotes Steve McIntyre who finds it unlikely that the same people know how to reform the institution, and I completely share his skepticism.

I have been thinking about these events in analogy with the fall of communism. It's clear that the same people couldn't create a new "communism with a human face" because they simply didn't have a human face.

Moreover, the very ideas and goals they wanted to preserve were almost the same ones that led to the loss of credibility. This is a point that even Dr Judith Curry seems to mostly misunderstand.

Climate alarmism, much like communism, can't really be reformed. The basic ideals of communism - people "voluntarily" working for others and harmonically saying that it's how the society should work - can only be defended with a violent police system that suppressed human rights and freedoms.

In a similar way, climate alarmism's vitally important technique is to keep people in ignorance and to hide the real data because the real data - and people's knowledge about them - automatically leads to the destruction of the panic, and the evaporation of the very motivation for the IPCC's existence.

The truth about the climate is simply not scary. It's the main reason why the only sensible thing that a reformed IPCC could say would be the statement that the institution doesn't have to exist.

The Telegraph is describing the prepared meeting in Bali where the "reforms" could be sketched. Geoffrey Lean also tells us that while the EU publicly says that Pachauri has "done a good job, in general", they privately want him to go before long.


  1. This is nonsense, obviously the whole IPCC and anything resembling it ought to be abolished,

    why are people clamoring for Choo Choo Pachauri's resignation, he will only be replaced by another reptile of the likes of Ivo deBoer, someone without integrity who will, without compunction, commit more felony upon the public

  2. Are you suggesting that a "same monkeys different trees" type reorganization of the IPCC won't work?

  3. Yes, Brian, and yes, Lucia, I think so, too.

    To say the least, one would need not only a new tree but also a completely different algorithm that determines which monkeys are at the top of the tree (and, for that matter, also which monkeys can get to the tree at all).

    With the same hierarchy and the same basic job description, the IPCC with the same monkeys on another tree will end up being pretty much the same thing what it is today.

  4. In spanish we do not use "monkeys". We use dogs instead. "Same dogs different collarsª. I tend to agree with our host.

    best regards,