Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview with Michael Mann

If you haven't seen a real nutcase for a little while, read
The Benshi interview with Michael Mann.
What I find amazing is the high degree of logical inconsistency in his reasoning. On one hand, he thinks that the alarmed climate scientists are the "David" who fights against a gigantic "Goliath" who is very well organized and funded (by the fossil fuel industry, of course!).

And the poor "David" is so weak and discriminated against... The media have never helped to promote the opinions of the alarmed climate scientists, as Michael Mann remembers the history of the last 20 years. Poor alarm about climate change: you know, the hypothetical threats have never been mentioned in the evil media, at least if you omit those 50,000 articles a month on Google News! There's a huge injustice by the "Goliath" and a suffocating conspiracy working against the nice "David" of the climate alarm.

On the other hand, he thinks that the opponents of the climate alarm are a couple of disorganized fringe lunatics.

Also, on one hand, he says that the science community doesn't have "a single politically driven motive" - very funny. On the other hand, he overwhelms us with tons of far-left notions about many kinds of political questions that everyone is supposed to agree with, e.g. that the opponents of Obama's socialist health care are an "irrational sort of conspiracy-driven lunatics". ;-)

He clearly proves that he has almost certainly never met a colleague who would disagree with Mann about any of these issues such as the healthcare reform. But you know, his community doesn't have a "single politically driven motive".

Also, he admits that there are billions of dollars circulating in the green industry and the climate propaganda ($300 million for Al Gore's commercials is mentioned as an example) - but he thinks that he has nothing to do with the money (those billions in grants from many sources that have been flowing to his inferior scientific discipline that has de facto become one of the most well-funded fields of current science are hidden from his eyes).

This guy is a stunning mixture of a complete lack of integrity and a complete lack of sanity.

Mark Lynas, another staunch climate activist, has at least understood - and wrote in the Guardian - that they seem to be screwed and it may be a good moment for them to gracefully surrender.

In the same Guardian, a Jeffrey Sachs claims that the climate skeptics are "recycled critics of tobacco regulation and acid rain". ;-) This childish propaganda is particularly amusing e.g. for your humble correspondent who has never smoked one cigarette, who really dislikes the smoke, and who has been emotionally affected by the pictures of some of our forests decimated by the acid rains during communism.

Does he really think that the readers will believe him? You may tell your kid that your neighbor is a brother of a devil from a fairy-tale but the child probably has to be pretty young to buy it. ;-)

By the way, the alarmed climate science has been automatized. You can download an iPhone application and it tells you how to react to any statement (by a "denier", or otherwise) about the climate. The application offers you one of the ten commandments which are a simplified version of the Skeptical Science's 91 commandments. Rasmus Benestad has already downloaded the iPhone application and he's very happy because it has tripled his knowledge about the climate and the ability to talk to you.

Pachauri's porn book

Outlook India brings some details about the Return to Almora, the new IPCC boss' book that he wrote during his long and numerous inter-continental flights that he made in order to reduce the people's carbon footprint (...).

The main protagonist, Dr Sanjay Nath, is clearly supposed to be Pachauri himself. He was also born in 1940. He has also spent his early years in Nainital. He has also had a room at the India Habitat Centre, the TERI headquarters. He also pretended to be impotent to get some sex. He has also worked on the climate and was involved in bizarre religious sects. He has also stolen quite a few of handkerchiefs for his masturbation from the other train and flight passengers. He also had sex with women in their 50s, and Gaia also told him it was a good choice because she couldn't get pregnant. He also had a "spiritual master" who encouraged him to participate in gangbangs. He had to return to the Himalayas often. And when he was old and impotent, he also thought that he was a Casanova or Don Juan. ;-)

Rajendra Pachauri is the most appropriate and representative boss that the IPCC can have, because of the very nature and purpose of the IPCC.

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