Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John Christy at Russia Today

Yesterday, Russia Today has made two interesting and, I would say, very balanced, professional, and informative interviews - with John Christy and Patrick Michaels.

John Christy talks about their recent paper arguing that most of the warming in the surface temperature record is due to local changes such as urbanization and deforestation. Also, he says that the effect of the Kyoto on the climate (and even on the emissions) was zero but Kyoto has played a negative psychological role, having led the people to false beliefs about their impact.

See also a new Russia Today interview with Pat Michaels about the fifth anniversary of the failed Kyoto protocol. He tries to answer her good question why the people are still pushing for such things if it is so costly and has no good consequences.

You should also check the latest Glenn Beck's show about the ClimateGate and Phil Jones' recent admissions. By the way, ConocoPhillips, BP and Caterpillar are leaving the USCAP, a climate change lobbying organization designed to create the cap-and-trade legislation. Virginia has officially challenged the EPA's decision to regulate carbon dioxide.

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