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Met Office: datasets to be built from scratch

Fox News just revealed that on Monday, 150 employees of the U.K. Met Office have met on a logistically convenient place of Great Britain - namely in a Turkish seaside resort of Antalya. ;-)

They agreed that their and the world's weather data (mostly the surface data) are a complete mess and they need to start from scratch. See the executive summary (PDF, 4 pages).

The new system should be verifiable and fully accessible; using fully documented algorithms and based on peer-reviewed methodologies; using multi-team approach to the surface data; subjected to strict audits; supplemented with seriously calculated uncertainties.

The Met Office will send the proposal to the World Meteorological Organization. The main U.K. weather institution didn't answer any further questions from Fox News. Note that the IPCC itself was mostly born in Great Britain so this is not just an irrelevant local event.

The Met Office was recently under a big pressure itself. For example, even their left-leaning comrades in the BBC plan to "fire it" as its source of the weather predictions because of many recent failed predictions (typically on the warm side).

I believe that this decision could be viewed as a nice partial victory of Steve McIntyre and the Climate Audit community - whose extension incorporates this blog, too. Partial congratulations. But the full congratulations will only arrive once a better product is available. ;-)

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