Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New York Times on IPCC's and Pachauri's scandals

As I have mentioned several times, most of the revelations about the U.N. climate panel and its boss, Rajendra Pachauri, were first published in the British newspapers, especially The Telegraph and The Times. A more limited coverage has been available to the readers and viewers of FoxNews.

But the gospel may finally be coming to the U.S. mainstream media, too. Elizabeth Rosenthal named her article
U.N. Climate Panel and Chief Face Credibility Siege
Although it includes some bizarre alarmist comments such as
"The general consensus among mainstream scientists is that the errors are in any case minor and do not undermine the report’s conclusions,"
it actually says enough true stuff about the GlacierGate and especially various conflicts of interest of the IPCC boss. I feel that they find it easier to sacrifice particular individuals, such as Pachauri, than the core elements of the orthodoxy. That's an explanation why the financial interests are being given so much space while the discussion of the errors and sub-par references in the 2007 report remains limited to the GlacierGate and is not too detailed, anyway.

Elizabeth Rozenthal and others should perhaps be told that the GlacierGate is far from being the only scandal of this type that was recently unconvered. A partial list of these scandals looks like this:
TeriGate and PepsiHondaTeriGate and TeriProtectedForestGate
WaveEnergyGate, new DissertationGates and EcoterrorReferenceGates

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