Sunday, February 14, 2010

Phil Jones: MWP yes, warming since 1995 no

Daily Mail in the U.K. published recent admissions of Dr Phil Jones, the main villain of the ClimateGate. He now agrees that
Roger Harrabin wrote his interview with Phil Jones as questions and answers and Jones basically confirms every single statement that the informed skeptics have been making for years.

Prologue to Mafia, a top Czech 2002 game whose sequel, Mafia II, will be released in a few months. Go to 3:55 to see how Tommy Angelo, i.e. Phil Jones, offered his information about his work for the organization to the authorities. He earned a decade of life for him and his family before Michael Mann et al. found him and shot him for his high treason.

Let's see whether Mike, Keith, Gene, and Caspar will do likewise.

By the way, Phil Jones has been thinking about suicide, so his recent confessions could be partly based on emotions. However, while we should be compassionate, I would recommend you not to be overly compassionate because of these things. Phil Jones has done many bad things - and received lots of undeserved money - and he just used to think that he was safe forever.

While Phil Jones has realized that he has been a thief and a liar for decades, Barack Obama thinks that the money to corrupt these crooks have been insufficient. He proposes a new 21% boost to the funding of the alarmist propaganda under the Global Change Research Program (note that the word "climate" has been removed but it is still about the same climate hoax). Well, if they get it and accept it under the current circumstances, I will endorse a heavy punishment for all climate alarmists.

As you have surely noticed, the tone of the media reports about the climate has changed. On Sunday, the U.K. Times ran a story called "World may not be warming, say scientists," in which John Christy and others question the robustness of the surface temperature records.

Also, Nature has received a paper by two Israeli economists with a "polynomial test" whose main outcome is that "AGW is refuted." Reuters wrote that the IPCC has also admitted the error of HollandGate, i.e. their wrong figure 55% instead of the correct 26% of the country that is below the sea level.

Robert Watson, Pachauri's IPCC predecessor, wants an investigation into the IPCC's warming bias and exaggerations. Whom did he choose as a partner for his project of a new IPCC? Well, the answer is: the main apostle of exaggerations and the czar of all climate liars and crooks, Al Gore himself - the guy who wrote another Worse Than We Thought article on Friday. They held talks in Nashville, Tennessee. I kid you not.

Via ClimateDepot.

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