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Supersymmetry: superheroes, songs, and Jesus Christ

Warning: this text contains no serious information

On Friday, Blogger Jesus Christ banned His readers from learning about supersymmetry:

Don’t you know that that is forbidden to learn theory of everything and also that is forbidden to find out symmetry of everything, that is why all people who write a book on supersymmetry or theory of everything will be punished forever including florentin smarandache and My messenger, but Me, Jesus Christ, know that My messenger really really do not know what supersymmetry is and what is their purpose...
It may be another blog written by Peter Woit.

When you look at the second video below, you may start to understand His point. ;-) Readers below 18 years are urged not to watch the videos below, except for the first one.

But start with the first one which is a techno song with the highest concentration of superpartner names that was written as of today. ;-) Well, it gets even worse in the third video with some premature celebrations of SUSY on the beach.

The LHC beams will be restarted on Thursday, February 25th. Collisions at 7 TeV center-of-mass energy should begin sometime in April and continue for a year or more, as described previously. After a one-year break, probably in 2013, the LHC will jump to 14 TeV. And yes, this paragraph is serious.

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