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Yvo de Boer leaves the U.N. AGW bandwagon

While I am not claiming that this news is too important, BBC and others just noticed that the U.N. top climate official, a former Dutch civil servant and the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2006, Yvo de Boer, will leave his chair on July 1st.

He said that "we were an inch away" from global carbon communism but it didn't happen, "so that was a pity". A pretty big inch, indeed. De Boer may have been the "one anonymous insider" who said that "publicly, [India and China] are being bubbly and supportive about the Copenhagen Accord. In private, they are urinating all over it."

Yvo de Boer has determined that the bandwagon is dead at the political level and should be urinated upon but he is ready to suck money from the AGW fraud at the corporate level for as much extra time as the reality allows. He will be a "consultant on climate and sustainability issues for KPMG", a global accounting firm, and will be associated with several universities.

Not bad for a stupid crook whose highest school was a boarding school in the U.K. Let's see for how much more time similar things will be possible. Meanwhile, Rajendra Pachauri sticks to the IPCC top chair and refuses to resign, guaranteeing that virtually everyone will know that the IPCC is a Titanic filled with liars, fraudsters, and porn writers, or all of these things combined.

I am increasingly satisfied with this scenario that will keep the influence of the IPCC comparable to that of Al Qaeda.

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