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Africans: we or God make weather change

Africa is producing 4% of the world's CO2 emissions, the same amount as the homosexuals in the rich world. ;-)

BBC has discussed a poll among 1,000 Africans investigating what they know about "climate change".

They found out that they don't really have words for climate-related things: instead, they talk about weather. Good for them because most of the interpretations of the "climate" that are routinely adopted by the general public in the rich world is pseudoscientific rubbish.

Almost all the Africans think that God or themselves (and their sins) are responsible for the changes of the weather. Almost none of them has heard about the CO2 greenhouse propaganda yet. Thank God.

While you might see that there's something deeply primitive about their ignorance and attitudes, the end result is that their overall opinion about the changing weather is no more irrational than that of the brainwashed people in the rich world.

In particular, if the Africans think that the most important impact they exert on the weather and environment is caused by local decisions such as deforestation, and not by SUVs in the rich world, they're damn right.

By the way, the European carbon market has been cleverly combined with another environmental concept, recyling. The carbon indulgences were recycled in Hungary which made many people realize that the indulgences are worthless pieces of paper and it caused the price to drop from EUR 13 to EUR 1 or so (per ton) - but only on some markets. So is not reporting anything of the sort.

Joanne Nova and others are doing a pretty amazing work that suggests that the cooling between the 1940s and the 1970s used to be 3 times larger in the 1970s than the present data suggest. The justification of the later adjustments seems unknown.

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snail feedback (3) :

reader bostmass said...

4% of the population is gay in rich countries? You don't have to be poor to be gay! Might want to reword that first sentence so it's clear that 4% is an across the board figure, rich, poor, or right down the middle. :)

reader Luboš Motl said...

Apologies, bostmaguy, I won't reword anything because there's no mistake in the sentence.

Exactly because 4% is pretty universally distributed, I could have attribute them 4% of the CO2 emissions, too.

And then there are 4% gays in the third world, which produce 4% of 4% of the emissions, which is a negligible fraction of the whole emissions. So it doesn't really matter whether you count them into the subject of the sentence or not. ;-)

The purpose of my sentence was to count a fraction of the global CO2 emissions - 4% from the poor world - not to celebrate homosexuals in Kenya ;-) so if someone makes an incorrect conclusion that there are no homosexuals in Kenya from my sentence, it's his problem because my sentence doesn't imply it and my sentence is not about these issues, anyway.

reader bostmass said...

Ok, now I understand the point you were making. Thank you for clarifying it with such aplomb. ;)

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