Monday, March 22, 2010

America socializes healthcare

During my years at socialist schools, 1980-1989, less than one-half of my teachers actively supported socialism - and many of them were heroes who actively opposed it.

Those who were pushing the official communist propaganda would usually emphasize that the evil capitalist countries don't have education and healthcare for free - and there are unemployed people.

A part of the propaganda would no longer work. And by the way, even Harry Reid confirms Stalin's proposition that even the Americans have been waiting for socialist medicine for five decades. ;-)

Last night, the Democrat Party voted 219-212 to approve the new socialist healthcare by the House: all Republicans (plus 34 Democrats) opposed the bill - and so does the majority of the U.S. population. But tell it to the liberal Democrats: they always act as if they speak on behalf of the majority, if not everyone, even if the evidence shows this not to be the case.

One doesn't have to be hysterical here: America is going to survive in one way or another. Other nations have had - and still have - similar systems and they work, at least to some extent. You may find yourself waiting in a queue behind an illegal alien or something like that - but God will hopefully bless you.

The Washington Times wrote a sensible article comparing the bill to the Black Plague. They predict that the system will destroy Democrats in November.

Although things may continue to work at the local level, the bill is a very bad news for the fiscal equilibrium of the U.S. government. The U.S. public debt is already enormous and it's going to get bigger - by several extra trillions of dollars. As Margaret Thatcher noted, socialism doesn't work because you eventually run out of other people's money. Also, I think it is a bad news for the competitive character of the U.S. healthcare and U.S. research on health.

Also, as The Washington Times mention, the system will suffer a tsunami of bad publicity when states sue the federal government over unfunded mandates, the IRS starts to enforce paragraphs no one knew, smaller businesses will have to fire employees because they won't be able to afford the new "achievements", when the budget gap skyrockets, and when seniors begin to feel that Medicare was cut.

America has been a leader in the best technologies to cure things - especially serious conditions and diseases - and I guess that its capitalist and non-egalitarian system had something to do with it. In this sense, the newest vote is a bad news for the whole world - for all the leaders and artists (and more ordinary people, too!) who could have traveled to the U.S. for a much better surgery in the past.

Whether it's good or not, America continues to be losing its special status - it's becoming just another nation that is not immune against the collectivist political movements that have repeatedly harmed Europe and other continents in the 20th century.

Crony capitalism

Olda K. sent me this amazing program of John Stossel suggesting that the whole current White House is completely corrupt by mutual links with a company. Serious Materials, an otherwise unimportant company producing windows (with glass), got a repeated endorsement from Biden and Obama himself.

It just turns out that an important woman in the "weatherization" department of the Obama administration - a silly environmental regulator - is the wife of an important sponsor of Biden and Obama, namely a vice-president of the Serious Materials. So their windows are suddenly the most "environmental" ones and are gettings lots of money directly from the government - except that they're just equal to the competitors' ones. $16.8 billion of taxpayer money is at stake here (it's directly controlled by the nasty green bitch who should get a life in prison but she continues to be powerful): this seems pretty disgusting.

Of course that the financial amounts in the Czech Republic are correspondingly lower - but even if you reduce them by the GDP ratio, I am convinced that we just don't have any corruption of this magnitude in the Czech Republic.

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