Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catlin Arctic Survey afraid of a polar bear

Last year, Pen Hadow et al. failed in their attempt to reach the North Pole. They had thought that global warming had transformed the Arctic region into a balmy, lukewarm and maybe tropical paradise. Surprisingly, they found out that the weather was freezing in the Arctic. Because of the brutally cold weather, their gadgets stopped working. At the end, the airplanes saved their lives after they only realized 1/2 of their goal.

But it had to be just an accidental weather, right? So in 2010, they decided to repeat the same thing:
Catlin Arctic Survey (web site)
On Friday, they observed many unusual, unprecedented facts about the weather. For example, as the wind blows, it may actually move the ice on the water. They had never thought it possible. The shocked explorers have also observed that before a piece of ice melts, it becomes thin. They're sure that this is a completely new, malicious behavior of ice that had to be caused by man-made global warming. In the past, ice used to be man's best friend. ;-)

Because of the moving ice, they have only moved by 5 km during the two weeks instead of 55 km which is what they had planned.

Today, on Saturday, the explorer team "experienced a frisson of fear" when they found "fresh polar bear trecks". That's an unusual reaction, too. Didn't they say that the polar bears were their friends who help them to fight against the climate deniers? ;-) They may pray that the polar bear will have a human soul. At the end, the polar bear may also pray and say "God, thank you for the dinner you have given to me."

Their fear is enhanced by the fact that the polar bears can smell a seal for several miles - so they should also be able to smell three explorers who haven't washed for weeks and who were so scared that they may want to think about a pants alternative.

They also saw Arctic fox prints.


  1. Just wait until they have to shoot a maurding bear

  2. You know, the irony would be unbearable if they got snacked on by big whitey.

  3. So, I gather the Catliners are treking unarmed through wild lands where dangerous large predators lurk.

    This is not the result of clever planning. It is not due to naivete, or even due to negligence.

    It is the result of conscious and willful ideo-ecological foolishness, which is so in evidence these days.