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Czechs: most pro-nuclear nation in the world

Today, in the leading Czech newspaper, MF DNES, Pavel Páral compared the Czechs and other nations when it comes to nuclear energy:

Prague Monitor: a review of his text
The nuclear boom has quite a tradition. Before the Velvet Revolution, the communists had extremely ambitious plans for new nuclear power plants in
Temelín (CZ), Jaslovské Bohunice (SK), Tetov (CZ), Blahutovice (CZ), Mochovce (SK), Kecerovce (SK)
besides the existing ones in Temelín (CZ), Dukovany (CZ), Jaslovské Bohunice (SK), and Mochovce (SK). Seven nuclear places is not bad for a country of 15 million.

Temelín, launched 10 years ago, remains Europe's newest nuclear power plant!

While the dominant Czech utility, ČEZ, has scaled down some of the communist plans, it remained the most ambitious nuclear company in Europe. In the following 20 years, it should be building new nuclear power plants somewhere at every moment - including new units in Temelín (CZ), Dukovany (CZ), and Cernavoda (RO).

Meanwhile, Finland and France are probably the most technologically advanced European countries as far as nuclear energy is concerned. And Britain, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Slovenia are the other countries where nuclear power plants may be built soon.

However, the Czech Republic is special in one respect: the public overwhelmingly supports the nuclear energy. That's also reflected in the Parliament: almost all parties that sit in the Parliament today support nuclear energy. The only exception is the Green Party but this one is very unlikely to get to the Parliament again, after the May 2010 polls. The new parties that will be added to the Parliament seem to be pro-nuclear.

While I am annoyed by many attitudes of the Czechs, similar observations make me happier and prouder.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader 孙尉翔 said...

Is facts of GM food technology properly introduced to the Czech public? Do they "overwhelmingly" support it?

People tend to be positive when they trust the government. They will not only be positive on one or two issues if so.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Hi 孙尉翔,

I am not sure what facts important enough to be known to the laymen you're talking about. But yes, most Czechs also know what genetically modified crops mean, and they overwhelmingly support them, too.

This sentiment also extends to the Academia: see e.g. this paper by Czech scholars that explains why it is wrong for the EU to regulate GMOs, at least in the way it does.

It has nothing to do with the confidence in the government whose average approval rate in the most recent decade has been around 25%.

Best wishes

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